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Since 2001, World Missions Possible (WMP) has provided medical and aid outreach in hard-to-reach, overlooked, and underserved rural areas in 16 developing nations across the world. WMP was organized in 2001 and provides aid services in areas that are undiscovered, overlooked or under-developed by the large aid organizations. To date, the organization has provided approximately 590 surgeries, 6,793 medical exams and care, 6,075 eye exams, and distributed over 7,750 free pairs of eyeglasses – all free of charge to the patients.


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World Missions Possible is an annually audited 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a proud member of the Combined Federal Campaign's "Best in America" and "Best Under 5% Overhead Charities" (2012-2014). World Missions Possible averages 3%-5% administrative costs, as it has no hired staff and has always relied 100% on volunteer support and donors.Please visit our About page to learn more about our mission to fill the gaps not currently being addressed by larger aid organizations. 


How You Can Help
You can help World Missions possible by sharing your time and skills or by donating materials or funding. Please visit our
Get Involved or Donate pages to learn more on how you can help us change the world—one mission at a time. 

Upcoming Emergency Medicine Conference in Kumasi, Ghana


World Missions Possible is pleased to announce an official partnership with the newly formed Emergency Medicine Society of Ghana-based in Kumasi, Ghana. This symbiotic clinical and academic relationship will serve to coordinate and strengthen global e-learning opportunities, EMS training events, and American tax-deductible fundraising efforts.

All Emergency Medicine stakeholders in Ghana have come together to host the first-ever Conference in Emergency Medicine in Kumasi, Ghana to celebrate 10 years of Emergency Medicine in Ghana and officially inaugurate the Emergency Medicine Society of Ghana. The main event will be from the 13th to the 15th of November, 2019. 

Now Available on Amazon
Learn more about the work of World Missions Possible by purchasing the first book by Roxane Richter, Medical Outcasts: Gendered and Institutionalized Xenophobia in Undocumented Forced Migrants' Emergency Health Care

Now Available on Amazon
Witchcraft as a Social Diagnosis, by Roxane Richter, examines one nonprofit’s five years of medical outreach in the condemned witches village of Gnani in Ghana, focusing on the clashes between traditional Ghanaian beliefs, African religious tenets, and contemporary Western medical science.

World Missions Possible provides EMS capacity building along with
medical and vision care to under-developed and rural areas.

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