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AIDS and Nutrition Centre Lawra, Ghana

"It is not the magnitude of our actions, but the amount of love

that is put into them that matters."

Mother Teresa

The Lawra Nutrition Centre (view full financial report), a United Methodist feeding center for orphans and refugees in northern Ghana, was given a $2,000 grant through World Missions Possible in 2005. (Please note: The currency amounts in the pdf file from the Lawra Nutrition Centre are in Ghanaian cedis - approx. 8,900 cedis = $1 U.S. dollar.)

The Methodist Nutrition and Rehabilitation Centre, Lawra, Ghana The Methodist Nutrition and Rehabilitation Centre in Lawra is situated in the northwest corner of Ghana, bordering the countries of Burkina Faso (to the north) and The Ivory Coast (to the west). The centre opened in 1970 and serves the impoverished areas of northern Ghana and many refugees fleeing starvation & civil strife in neighboring countries. The centre cares for the nutritional needs of severly and moderately malnourished children and orphans from birth to five years of age. It also caters to the nutritional needs of pregnant women and lactating mothers who are malnourished.

According to the centre^s manager, a wonderful caregiver one of our board members (Roxane Richter) had the honor of meeting named Marjorie Nintori, the monthly cost of feeding one child is estimated at $1 (based on five daily feedings). Shelter, including all utilities and necessary medications, is an additional $1 per day. So for $2 a day, one child can be fed and given adequate shelter. The project receives funds from the United Methodist Church and contributions. The centre, on average, serves about 250 women & children yearly, and its six-member staff visits almost 400 homes every year to teach & promote health & nutritional issues. The centre survives by cultivating small-scale agricultural projects, such as fruit and vegetable production and by raising goats, chickens and pigs for fresh eggs, meat and milk.

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