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Rhabdomyosarcoma: Fighting Childhood Cancer

UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart that I notify our donors that our little boy in Nigeria with Rhabdomyosarcoma: Fighting Childhood Cancer (WMP) passed away today. Please keep his heartbroken parents in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn their little one's passing.

Two-year-old, Einola, has been diagnosed with a rare cancer in his left eye (Rhabdomyosarcoma) and is in desperate need of medical treatment in Nigeria. It all began in earlier in June of this year, when his parents first noticed some swelling in his left eye and took him to see a doctor, who diagnosed him with a simple eye infection. After a week without improvement, he was referred to an ophthalmologist who ordered a CT scan and a biopsy (performed on 06/12/2015 and 06/15/2015 respectively). The biopsy yielded little useful information and Eni spent another two weeks being referred different doctors, as his condition was worsened.

It was not until his parents took Eni to the teaching hospital in Ibandan, Nigeria, that he finally received a diagnosis of Rhabdomyosarcoma. He was also given a treatment plan of 47 weeks of chemotherapy treatment (started on 7-14-2015), 2 sessions of radiotherapy, and finally surgery (once the tumor shrinks).As of this moment, Eni has only received 7 of the 47 chemo treatments, because that is all his family has been able to afford. He is currently hospitalized that the National hospital in Abuja, Nigeria, where he relies on friends and family for daily treatments. However, Eni's condition will surely deteriorate if help does not come soon, because his is fighting a particularly aggressive cancer. Ideally we would like to raise funds to not only pay for his care, but also transfer him back to the teaching hospital. This is because they are better equipped to provide him with the level of care that he needs. We appreciate all donations, no amount if too small. Every dollar will make a difference in Eni's life and give this 2-year-old a fighting chance.

World Missions Possible (WMP) has investigated this case, all medical records and CT scans, etc. and has verified all the above information to be true. We will ensure that all donations will be used solely for the purpose of providing Eni with the care he needs. We agree to provide proof, as well as updates, on Eni's treatment/progress if requested. Since 2001, WMP has helped provide free medical care to needy people around the world.

Break down of Medical expenses:

Exchange rate from U.S Dollar ($) to Nigerian currency (Naira) = $1 : N199.05

40 Chemotherapy treatments = N25,000 ($125.59) each

2 Radiotherapy sessions = N17,500 ($87.91) each

Followed by surgery = N150,000 ($753.57)

Total estimated costs = N1,185,000 ($5952.99 U.S. Dollars)

How You Can Help

Donations can be made through GoFundMe. A fee of 7.9% (+ $0.30 per donation) will be charged for all donations made through GoFundMe.

Donations can also be made directly through World Missions Possible via check or Give Direct. No Fees are charged for donations made via check. Please make checks payable to World Missions Possible / Eni's Sight.

Mailing address:

World Missions Possible

16516 El Camino Real #126

Houston, Texas 77062.

A 4% fee will be charged by Give Direct for donations made via credit cards to WMP. WMP will charge NO FEE.

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