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Surgery for Victim of Sulfuric Acid Attack in the US

World Missions Possible has financially and medically supported Ms. Allen through the majority of her 17 plastic surgeries in the USA.

A native of Nigeria, Africa—Allen was the victim of a horrific act of violence back in her native country when a male family member threw sulfuric acid on her, burning and blinding her in one eye, and disfiguring her face and upper torso. It was a true miracle that she even survived many initial life-saving surgeries on the terrible second- and third-degree burns to her arms, face, chest and abdomen.

In 2010, WMP paid for her final surgery at DOCS in San Diego, California - the surgical refinement of her nose and mouth. Through a $1,200 grant, Ms. Allen, was also given funds for emergency housing in the USA. Now she is in the U.S. to undergo further surgeries for facial reconstruction.

If you can help, please e-mail ( or send a tax-deductible donation (clearly marked "Ms. Allen fund") to

World Missions Possible

16516 El Camino Real #126

Houston, Texas 77062

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