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Albert Street School Book & Supply Donation

In July and August of 2008, Roxane Richter, EMT, and Dr. Tom Flowers of World Missions Possible, along with Richard Bosart of South African Methodist Volunteers in Mission (SAMVIM), sorted and delivered approximately 600 school books from Rotary International in Bedfordview. Donations from World Missions Possible and UMCOR included bookshelves, three large tables, 70 Bibles for students and staff, numerous school supplies, chalkboards, 70 shirts, soccer balls, as well as OTC medical supplies for the school children. To date, World Missions Possible donated over $1,500 in cash and items.

Volunteer or Donation Contacts:

Roxane Richter

President, World Missions Possible (USA)

Richard Bosart

Director, Southern Africa Methodist Volunteers in Mission (SAMVIM)

Direct Donations:

CMM Deaconess Society - Albert Street School

First National Bank, RMB Private Bank Johannesburg

Pictured from left to right: William Kandowe, school administrator, at Rotary's warehouse; some of the wonderful books for the refugee school; and the "heart and soul" of the school's hard-working staff - William Kandowe, school administrator, Raphel Maisiri, Vice Principal, and Alpha Zhou, the school's principal.

Pictured from left to right: The delivery of Bibles to the school, a donation from Joyce Meyer Ministries facilitated through World Missions Possible; some staff members and the kitchen and where the school children come to eat their daily meal - sometimes their only meal for the day; the delivery of wheelchairs facilitated by SAMVIM.


By: William Kandowe and Alpha Zhou

Albert Street Refugee School Staff

It is an education that has a dual purpose:

(a) Education for healing and rehabilitation (i.e the phychological aspect)

(b) Education for skills development of the refugee or the displaced person that will enable him /her to earn a living abroad and participate in the future economic development of his or her country.

Forced migration destroys a person socially, physically and psychologically. It is therefore these important aspects of life that need to be redressed, and thus the planners of refugee programmes should focus on them especially in educational programmes.

During migration a person loses property job, family ties and lastly social or cultural ethics. People in most cases resort to prostitution, crime, begging and drug abuse.


It must provide the following:

(a) Accommodation

(b) FOOD

(c) Clothing

(d) Counselling

(e) Free education

(f) Recreational facilities


We must have an educational board that is appointed by the Bishop which will be tasked to plan; implement and assess educational activities. The role of board members include marketing, registration, determination of teachers salaries, school infrastructure development staff recruitment and ensuring competitive remuneration of staff management of financial resources.etc

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