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WMP Serves 600 Medical Patients for FREE in Ghana

Some 600 patients were offered and received free medical care. The areas served included N'gani (witch's village), Ekotsi and Bogyano. Care included free diagnostics and medications, the use of our brand-new mobile ultrasound, vascular doppler fetal tone readings, rehydration therapies, malaria and parasite (worm) treatments, vital signs, paid hospital and insurance payments for long-term care patients, and more.

Our "CLINIC WITHOUT WALLS" in Witch's Village

Northern Team: Dr. Amehi, Alidu Zakaris (interpretor & medical assistant), Gifty Mante, Roxane Richter, and local reverend, Eric Doku.

Getting there's the hard part! It's a 16-hour journey into the remote northern area, where there's no running water or electricity. All of the diagnostics have to run on batteries.

The lines of patients are long and the team is always greeted by 100's of people needing medical care. Special care is taken by the WMP team to travel into several (three) different areas within the witch's village, so that both the Konkomba and Dagomba tribes are able to get free medical treatment.

Dr. Tom using new ultrasound, donated by "Village Life" WMP - South Team the Herzstein Foundation. An awesome new tool!


Four brand new Dell computers and a printer were donated to Wenchi Methodist High School. The children were so excited to see that their school was to have first-rate computer technology!

Several cases of medication were donated to Yendi Methodist Hospital - Dr. Abankwa

Several cases of medication donated to Methodist Faith Healing Hospital, Ankaase-Kwabre - Dr. Cameron Gongwer

A brand new microscope, one centrifuge, one vital signs monitor for surgery, 60 endotracheal tubes, medical books, and several cases of medication were donated to Wenchi Methodist Hospital.

Donations of $2,000 USD were donated, plus clothing and toys for the triplets as well as several cases of medication and medical books to Marjorie Nintori, RN at the Lawra Methodist Nutriton & AIDS Centre.

With a $2,000 donation, the "Queen Mother of Compassion" sewing & embroidery training centre in Ekotsi-Bogyano opened. Two utility-strength sewing machines, one knitting machine and one industrial-strength serger were purchased and donated to the new center, which will begin training women and teens in sewing skills in 2009.

The generous donation of Kinapharma medications

In 2008, WMP's "Queen Mother of Compassion"

Sewing & Embroidery Training Centre was opened, where women & teens can train to learn new skills.

We couldn't do these missions without the help and generous donations of our wonderful sponsors, who include:

The Herzstein Foundation (2006-2008)

Mr. Mark Ryan (2006-2009)

Kofi Nsiah-Poku of Kinapharma, Ghana (2006-2009)

W.T. Cutts & American Tank & Vessel (2008-2009)

* Honorable Ghanaian U.S. Consul General, Jack & Diane Webb

Mr. Dave Cononie (2006-2008)

MAP International - Merck Pharmaceuticals (2006-2009)

Christus St. John's Hospital (2006)

Abbott Laboratories (2006)

Mr. Slade Lewis & Lewis Jewelers (2007-2008)

Mr. Alan Wozniak (2007-2008) Dr. Hopkins (2007) Clear Lake United Methodist Church (2007-2009)

Ethicon (2007 & 2009)

And of course all the wonderful people who provide us such great support, including Bishop Joseph Atto & Maud Brown, Marjorie Nintori of the Lawra Nutrtion Centre, Ghana, Anna Holder & family, Dr. Didier Amehi, the Global African Missionary Alliance in San Antonio, Gifty Mante, R.N. (Ekumfe-Ekrawfo region), Dr. Tom Flowers, Virginia Campbell, Dr. Jose Peraza, and the board of WMP... so we say "THANK YOU"

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