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Donations to Zimbabwean School

Pictured at Albert Street School's 1st Anniversary Program: total donation to school in 2009 in items and cash donations = 30,250 Rand or approx. $4,500.

Roxane, an Emergency Medical Technician, taught Form 3 and 4 students several medical sciences classes, including cardiovascular system, the eye, the skeletal system and fractures, nutrition, etc. The students all learned how to take manual blood pressure readings and were very quick to learn how to use a stethoscope and view fractures on x-rays!

(Pictured Below) The administrative staff, World Missions Possible and SAMVIM all traveled out to the Rotary book warehouse to pick up donations of 785 books for the students of the school. The staff was delighted to choose from a wide variety of books in Biology, Chemistry, World History, English, Mathematics, and many other subjects.

(Pictured Below) The school is in great need of reconstruction and repair! New mobile chalkboards, classroom doors, student lockers, desks, classroom partitions, and the refurbishment and replacement of kitchen equipment (stoves, refrigerator, cabinetry, etc.) is very necessary. There are also several larger projects like drainage issues, fire escapes, showering and dressing rooms, and the construction of student and staff sleeping quarters that need to be addressed.

(Pictured Above) Pictured are the current needs: View the current state of chairs, broken pieces of chalkboards, and student lockers (there are 11 non-locking and broken metal lockers for over 500 students). Because the majority of students are homeless (without proper housing) and stay at the Central Methodist Church, they have nowhere "safe" to keep their school supplies and papers, making it very difficult to excel at their academic studies and exams!

To join the current group of "Friends of Albert Street School" and hear about their current work and needs, contact Roxane Richter

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