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2014 Guerrero, Mexico - Cataract (Surgical) Eye, Medical and Dental Team

Rotary International Eye Surgery & Education Center, State of Chihuahua

800 vision patients +

300 successful cataract surgeries +

76 dental patients +

120 medical patients +



The 800 patients in Guerrero, Mexico, (4.5 hours outside of Chihuahua) were Mennonites, indigenous Indians, and locals. People came from all over the province to get outstanding medical care from the best of the best of stellar American physicians, ophthalmologists, opticians, optometrists, dentists, nurses, and volunteers.

Kids Reaching Out to Help the Poor in Matamoros, Mexico

The "DO SOMETHING CLUB" at Wekiva High School in Florida collected 100 health & hygiene kits to be distributed during a medical clinic in October 2010 in Matamoros, Mexico. Each "Compassion Bag" bag contains a large-sized shampoo, soap, washcloth, toothbrush & toothpaste - each individually bagged for distribution.

The Wekiva High School's "Do Something Club" works hard to make a positive difference on campus, in the community, nation, and world. Students come together weekly, discuss social issues of concern, and design projects to increase public awareness. Approximately 20 students are active as "Do Something Club" members, but for each and every project the club sponsors, all Wekiva High School students are invited to participate. The "Do Something Club" commits to actively participate and volunteer in an effort to affect positive change. We promote student involvement on campus, volunteer to help with hands-on projects in the local community, and participates in national youth programs. Internationally, the club collects items or funds to assist children in need around the world.

During the 2009-10 academic year, the club's first semester international effort was “The Changarawee Project.” We raised funds for the Zawadi School for AIDS orphans located in Tanzania, Africa. Students sold textile goods made by the students’ grandmothers. We dedicated the second semester to assist World Missions Possible, Inc. Students researched WMP's altruistic work in Mexico.

As a part of the curriculum, students in World History Class studied the Mexican Revolution. As a part of the unit, some Wekiva (English as a second language “ESOL”) students created posters of images characteristic of the Mexican Muralist artists: Rivera, Kahlo, Posada, and Siqueiros. After hearing of the Compassion Bag Project, the students agreed to send these pictures along with the bags as gifts to the children of Matamoros to be used to decorate the walls of a clinic or classroom.

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