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WMP Helps Save Lives in Ghana

In October and November of 2006, WMP sent a volunteer medial mission team to Ghana to provide free primary care. Approximately 250 patients were treated in rural, hard-to-reach areas in northern villages in Ghana. Free diagnostics, medical treatment and medication were provided to the villages of Yendi, Ekotsi-Bogyano, Lawra and Esuyeshia.

Over $42,000 in donated medications and medical equipment (including automatic external defibrillators, vascular doppler, two diagnostic sets and Propaq LT monitor) were used and/or donated to local area clinics and public hospitals during the trip. Donors included Christus St. John’s Hospital, Abbott Laboratories and a $7,000 donation from the Herzstein Foundation.

In December of 2006, WMP provided $1,100 to a nine-year-old boy, Zebeedee, in Nalogni, Ghana, for life-saving surgery for the chronic osteomyelitis on his left leg. The boy’s bone infection, which had received no medical treatment for six years, was so severe that the illness had become life threatening. The surgery was performed by Dr. Chuuba in Tamale in northern Ghana, and was deemed a successful operation which saved the boy’s leg and life.

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