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WMP Helps Costa Rica Village Construct Community Center

WMP sent a team of 13 on a trip to Palmares, Costa Rica to help in the construction of a community center. The team consisted of 8 adults and 5 teenagers, aged 14 – 19. All of the adults had previously served on missions teams in Costa Rica, but it was a first-time experience for the young people. The team was led by Anita Lee, a member of the board of directors of WMP.

The construction in Palmares is expected to be a five-year project. Our team worked on the foundation. Several weeks earlier, a team from Alabama dug trenches on three sides for the foundation, but because of a shortage of money and manpower, they had not been filled with concrete. Because of excessive rain this year, they were filled with mud and water.

Part of the team tied rebar while the rest dug the mud from the trenches. On our second day, we began to mix cement and dump wheel barrow loads of the mixture into the trenches. Large rebar frames were placed in the trenches. Smaller rebar frames were set upright at intervals and tied to the larger frames and stabilized with metal bars used as guy wires.

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