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"I CARE": Bringing Free Vision Care & Eyeglasses to Homeless & Impoverished Popula

With thousands of donated & purchased prescription eyeglasses, World Missions Possible launched its "I CARE" (Vision Care) program in 2010.

In October of 2010 in a small rural village in southern Ghana, West Africa (Bogyano), the 1st WMP "I CARE" clinic was launched. Under the faithful leadership of optometrist Dr. Charles Darko-Takyi of Cape Coast, Ghana, the "I CARE" clinic provided service to over 300 people. Secondly, in May of 2011, Dr. Darko -- along with 8 other opticians and Cape Coast University optician students -- provided a large vision clinic for approx. 200 people.

In June & July of 2011 and April of 2012, World Missions Possible launched its U.S.-based "I CARE" clinic in Houston, Texas, through a Houston-area Homeless Outreach. During the three clinics, some 256 patients were given free medical care -- and 121 patients were provided with free vision screening & eyeglasses. The eyeglasses were matched with the patient's need by skilled volunteer optometrists, Dr. Tom Pruett, Dr. Merlyn Harger, Dr. Lindsey, and Dr. Blythe Bucker ; opticians Susie Grunden and Brian Barry; and skilled volunteers: Clarence Grunden, CRNA; Roxane Richter, EMT; Mike Allen; and Tonye Odogwu.

In July of 2011 and April 2012,World Missions Possible also offered homeless shelter patients visits to our "Wellness Clinic" staffed by volunteer medical personnel: Lynda McKenney, RN, and Andrea Hoekstra, RN, Wendy Allen, EMT, and Dr. Jose Peraza. Annual medical clinics are also offered every Thanksgiving for approximately 100+ patients at Clear Lake United Methodist Church for Crossroads clients and indigent locals in the Clear Lake, Texas, area.

Our eyeglasses are either: (1.) primarily purchased as recycled frames with new CR 39 lenses through Visual Compassion or (2.) donated through by Clear Lake United Methodist Church and the Lions Club, or (3.) special custom-made eyeglass orders are purchased at low costs through Lake Jackson's Crystal Crafters nonprofit.

Only a portion of donated eyeglasses pass WMP's rigid standards for cylinder power, frame strength, and undamaged lenses for use at our clinics. Many of the used eyeglasses, especially pediatric, must be purchased through donated funds in order to successfully match the wearer's needs for frame size, and distance and/or reading strength(s).

In November of 2011, World Missions Possible medical team members trained 2 doctors and 8 nurses and community health workers from the Kono Amputee clinic and Koidu Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, West Africa on eye anatomy, disease, trauma, and eye health, as well as correcting refractive errors of hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatisms. We trained both staffs and donated over 350 pounds of medications, supplies and equipment, including a manual focometer, 540 pairs of eyeglasses, and a vital signs monitor. During the clinics, we offered the assessment and treatment or referral of cataracts, pterygiums, corneal ulcers, glacoma, trachoma, etc., and the distribution of prescription eyeglasses.

World Missions Possible is able to provide free prescription eye- and sunglasses to people in several nations through the generous donation of Rx eyeglasses -- so rummage through your drawers and closets and ask your family & church members & friends to collect their old eyeglasses (prescription and readers sunglasses and childrens) and send them to us... so we can bless someone in desperate need of sight!!

Please Send Your Used Eyeglasses To:

World Missions Possible 16506 El Camino Real #126 Houston, Texas 77062

In 2010, World Missions Possible donated a focometer to Dr. Charles Darko-Takyi so he could offer vision care in rural areas of Ghana to people that live in small villages with less access to healthcare. Using a long-term aid approach, WMP provided the eyeglasses and the equipment for local providers to continue to give free care -- empowering the LOCAL COMMUNITY members to help one another.

In Bogayno, the chief "Nana" is always happy to see his people being cared for by WMP's team of compassionate healthcare volunteers.

Below you can see the long lines of people patiently waiting in Bogyano!

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