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Superheroes in Scrubs Host Homeless/Indigent Vision & Medical Care Outreach

My "SUPERHEROES IN SCRUBS" from our August 28, 2012, Houston homeless/indigent vision and medical care outreach. All services for 91 patients from a local Houston-are shelter were provided free of charge, including: glaucoma testing, full eye exam by licensed optometrists, reading and prescription eyeglasses, some OTC medication, and wellness check-up with diabetes and hypertension testing! Superheroes that made a "WORLD of Difference" that day included: Dr. Ika Nyowheoma (optometrist) ; Dr. Blythe Bucker (optometrist), Roxane Richter (EMT & glaucoma testing); Jerry Higgins (optician); Joanne Fisher (nurse - triage & patient intake); Dr. Tom Pruett (optometrist); Dr. Merlyn Harger (optometrist); and Dr. Thomas Flowers (wellness).

Some of my Shining Star patients! There's Jose, our Spanish language translator and "Red"— my favorite 100% non-compliant (but lovable) patient!

Pictured from left to right: Mike Allen; Brian Barry (optician); optometrists Dr. Tom Pruett, Dr. Merlyn Harger, Dr. Blythe Bucker, Andrea Hoekstra (RN), Tonye Odogwu, Lynda McKenney (RN), Dr. Jose Peraza, Dr. Natalie Lindsey, and (seated) WMP board members: Roxane Richter, EMT and Wendy Allen, EMT.

Andrea & Dr. Peraza with one their grateful & happy patients!

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